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Interior painting by Pace Painting & Drywall

Interior painting can be a tedious and stressful job.

Are the lines straight?
Does the lighting in this room affect the final color?
My walls look streaky....

These are all frustrations that you can avoid by letting Pace Painting & Drywall tackle your interior painting.

For more than 22 years Pace Painting & Drywall has been a leader in interior painting & finishing of the commercial businesses. We provide a clean work area and professional attitudes when it comes to each individual job.

We pride ourselves on a job well done.

Our General Scope of Work includes:
- Applying 1 coat of primer to all walls and ceilings.

- Fine preparation to walls & ceilings using lights to find imperfections.

- Light spackling and floating to ensure there are no large gaps where trim and drywall meet to ensure a clean, straight line.

- Application of 2 finish coats of PPG on walls/ceilings.

- All surfaces are inspected, sanded if needed, and Wiped clean between each application.

- Fill nail holes to ensure a smooth, finished surface.

- Caulking of trim if needed (caulking can be color matched).

- Protection of finished surrounding areas; Papering of floors, covering decorative hardware, taping off windows. We ensure your surrounding areas are protected.

- Daily clean up and removal of debris.

Interior & Exterior Specialty Finishes
· Custom Spraying
· Skim Coating
· Drywall installation
· Lacquer Finishes
· Stain and clear coat systems
· Textured walls
· Sikkens Systems
· Epoxies
· Metallics

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