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Lead Base Abatement by Pace Painting & Drywall

Pace Painting & Drywall LLC is certified in lead paint removal, our employees have completed the proper training and received certification for the containment, removal, disposal, & personal safety to remove lead based paint.

Pace Painting & Drywall has several different procedures for removal depending on the specific job. We have experience with small residential removal to large industrial/commercial buildings. We can tackle it all in a very safe manner to. our employees and the public around us.

If your residence or commercial space has been built before 1978 it is especially important to look into hiring a lead certified specialist to give you an estimate on removal.

Examples: building has cracked or peeling paint, chipping paint that is falling off, young children live or visit there, establishment houses or has visiting pregnant women.

Call or email us with any concerns we would be happy to help and give you an estimate on your Lead paint removal.

We offer a variety of techniques to remove Lead Paint:
- Mechanical removal-brushes, scrapers etc.
- Abrasive blasting.
- Chemical stripping & coating removal.
- Decontamination removal w a HEPA vacuum.
- Transportation and disposal of lead contaminated soil.
- Enclosure with a durable containment.
- Encapsulation with lead barrier compounds.

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